A vulnerability is a hole or weakness in the code/application/infrastructure or protocol that can be exploited to gain access to a resource or change the original use of the resource.

Black hat hackers use this “hole/weakness” to gain access to servers and services and use them with malicious intent. New vulnerabilities are released daily so you are only as secure as your last vulnerability scan.

What is vulnerability scanning?

It is a way to assess and determine weaknesses in networks, applications, computers and computer systems. Scans are used by people in charge of protecting systems to see how vulnerable their systems are so they can “close the holes”, as well as black hat hackers ( the bad guys trying to get into your systems for whatever reason) to try find a way to exploit your systems.

We run vulnerability scans on systems on external interfaces which is exactly the way black hat hackers perform scans once they have chosen a target to compromise. We do not need login details for an external vulnerability scan. 

Who needs the scan?

Anyone that is concerned that their standard server installation isn’t secure and definitely anyone that has a server located directly on the internet, whether it is a VPS or physical server, a scan is a good idea to give you an indication on how vulnerable you are. Default configurations of software are made to favour ease of configuration and usability and not in favour of a secure environment. New vulnerabilities are detected everyday sop basically, you are only as secure as your last vulnerability scan.

We offer security scans and assessments from R1250 per server. Please contact us for more information.