Branch to branch router/PC based VPN

This solution is used to connect 2 or 3 branches/sites using 2 Linux based computers. A Linux based VPN server is set up on either side of the network so that data flows seamlessly between the 2 branches/sites. Ideally for ADSL to ADSL VPNS.

The cost is a once off installation and the only monthly cost is from your ISP (data bundles).Cost is R5000 excl vat for installation plus travel. A PC is also required for this installation which can be supplied by us or yourselves.

Some useful features of the VPN we offer:

  • Multiple VPN servers can be set up for failover and load balancing.
  • Snatting so as to stop the need for individual routing to be setup.
  • Works on static or dynamic IP.
  • Specific IP address can be assigned to specific users so users can be supported remotely.
  • TCP or UDP
  • Ports can be changed which allows it to be more flexible.

If you are battling to find a configuration that works for you, give us a try as we have succeeded where many others have failed.