A Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) is a way to connect to a company network securely over the Internet.

We offer a stable Linux VPN solution that can accommodate almost any configuration or form of connectivity including dial-up, 3G, iBurst, ADSL, Diginet or GPRS, tried and tested as one of the most stable VPN solutions on the South African market with fully featured SSL functionality for complete peace of mind, making it easy, scalable, reliable, stable and secure. We provide 2 solutions that will cater for almost any configuration or budget.

Server/client solution, PC based VPN

This solution is used to allow users working offsite or from home to access company resources. This can be file sharing, mail, Pastel or whatever is available at the office. A Linux based PC/server is set up on the network that needs to be accessed. A VPN Client (small piece of software) is installed on any PC/laptop that needs to gain access to the company resources.

The connecting clients can run on any form of connectivity including Iburst, ADSL, Diginet, or 3g, Windows ,Linux or Mac. This is a once off cost with the only monthly cost being your service providers bill for connectivity. Cost is R5000 excl vat for installation plus travel. A PC is also required for this installation which can be supplied by us or yourselves.

Some useful features of the VPN we offer:

  • Multiple VPN servers can be set up for failover and load balancing.
  • Snatting so as to stop the need for individual routing to be setup.
  • Works on static or dynamic IP.
  • Specific IP address can be assigned to specific users so users can be supported remotely.
  • TCP or UDP
  • Ports can be changed which allows it to be more flexible.

If you are battling to find a configuration that works for you, give us a try as we have succeeded where many others have failed.